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If you find yourself here, you’re probably looking for some answers about Zombie Pop. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place!

What is Zombie Pop?

Zombie Pop is the go-to source for all things related to zombies. Whether you call them undead, living dead, ghouls, infected, revenants; if you believe they come from voodoo, possession, infection, radiation, or if you’d rather not know, Zombie Pop is dedicated to bringing you the best and worst of the genre with book, short story, movie, television show, and video game news and reviews. In fact, if you’d like to have your book reviewed, check out our Book Review Services. We interview authors, editors, and filmmakers from beginners to superstars. We explore the nature of the undead beast and its impact on popular culture. We’re also not afraid to show you the grimy, gory, exploitative and transgressive side of zombies. Consider yourself warned.

Not ones to be pigeonholed, we also branch out to looking at other facets of the horror genre. We just love zombies the most.

Relaunched in 2011, Zombie Pop supports independent publishers and self-published authors, while seeking to share our passion and love for reading.

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Who runs the show?

ZetrucZetruc (Curtez spelled backwards) is the creator and founder of Zombie Pop.  He’s also a freelancer, blogger and soldier living in San Antonio, TX.

He’s been an avid reader as far back as he can remember, growing up on comic books and fantasy novels before Joe McKinney incited his inner passion for horror. In addition to Zombie Pop, Zetruc is the creator and founder of SyFy Pop. You can follow Zetruc on Twitter at @thezombiepop, or e-mail him at zetruc @ zombiepop.net, as long as you remember to remove the spaces.


Who else writes for Zombie Pop?

Bryan Way of Zombie PopBryan Way | Philadelphia | Editor in Chief

Bryan is the author of Life After: The Arising, a graduate of Temple University, and a wiz with a katana. Short stories related to Life After are available free on Homepage of the Dead.

Bryan’s Content | Twitter | Facebook

Vincenzo Bilof Author Of The Zombie Ascension SeriesVincenzo Bilof | Detroit | Contributor

Vincenzo is a recipient of SNM Horror Magazine’s Literary Achievement award and the author of Nightmare of the Dead, Necropolis Now, and The Queen of the Dead. Book information and reviews are available at Vincenzo’s Blog.

Vincenzo’s Content | Twitter | Facebook

Patrick D'Orazio of Zombie PopPatrick D’Orazio | Cincinnati | Contributor

Patrick is the author of The Dark Trilogy. He promotes his books and reviews other people’s zombie and horror related work in his blog at Patrick D’Orazio’s Tomes of Darkness.

Patrick’s Content | Twitter | Facebook

Zombie Pop - Image Coming SoonScratch | Zetruc’s Basement | Contributor

Scratch is the resident zombie of Zombie Pop. Found in a swamp and brought to our lab, he occasionally trawls the site to leave some electrifying commentary or write grumpy articles about things he doesn’t like.

Scratch’s Content

Can I advertise on Zombie Pop?

If you’d like to advertise with us or otherwise support the site, please visit our Advertisement page.

How can I become a contributor to Zombie Pop?

We regularly publish content from guest contributors, and authors seeking to expand their reach. If you’d like to write for the site,  please visit out Contact page.

How can I get my movie/book/short story/video game reviewed on Zombie Pop?

The majority of our reviews are written after receiving free copies of whatever it is you want reviewed, preferably in some digital format. Find out if your work qualifies for a review here, then visit our Contact page or get in touch with Curtez directly by sending an e-mail to zetruc @ zombiepop.net.