A Few Words From Derrick LaCombe

Derrick LaCombe After Death51 years ago, I was born in New Orleans, LA. I spent all of my childhood and teen years in the city, but now reside 30 minutes away. I think the ‘Big Easy’ definitely impacted my life … from the cuisine I love to eat, to its colorful personalities, and celebrations such as Mardi Gras.

I am married to an awesome woman who supports my writing endeavors. I have five adult children and nine grandchildren.

I am a traveling Registered Nurse and my experience is in the operating room. Maybe that’s why early reviews of After Death state how gory the book is. LOL

New Orleans is well known for its Cities of the Dead, actually cemeteries, and I’ve been in awe of them since school age field trips. They are peaceful places as one would expect, but you always wonder when you’re walking through them if something dead will suddenly appear, sealing your doom.

Ever since seeing my first zombie movie, I’ve been fascinated by the premise that something could make the dead rise, and they would want to eat your flesh. I also love movies about Frankenstein, vampires, and the undead in general.  When I became inspired to write my novel two years ago, I drew on my knowledge of anatomy and physiology and nursing experience to describe how to take care of someone with many traumas. I also described kill scenes with as much detail as possible.

I love playing games, and encourage readers to identify with a character from the beginning of the story and see if YOU would make it to the end. Didn’t make it, don’t worry, just choose another until you learn to adapt and survive.

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