Zombies In The Street? Time For Zombie Kit!

zombie kit

Whats that? Mrs. Miggins from Number 32 is eating a severed arm on the street? Phone lines have gone dead whilst we were watching downloaded Game of Thrones episodes so we didn’t hear the sirens?

Looks like it is time to suit up and clean up the neighborhood!

Here is a brief rundown on my go-to load, or zombie kit, in the event of the shambling undead cluttering up my street. This is for when there is no help coming, and I need to form a livable perimeter, take stock and go house to house if needs be.

This is my summer version. Winter version adds a jacket. Living in Australia makes this a no-firearms deal, so bear that in mind when hassling me about why I don’t include any.

Click the link to see what I consider my Zombie kit up for culling the undead!

Zombie Kit: Apocalypse Equipped (no, really…)

  • Abbii Leader

    i have no use in life what so ever.

    zombie Apocalypse starts, HELL YEAH. this is what i was born to do