Zombvenger! Episode One: Enter the Zombvenger!

Zombvenger! Episode One: Enter The Zombvenger!
Zombvenger! Episode Two: Dog Days
Zombvenger! Episode Three: Walk Like An Egyptian

I think I run more now that I’m dead than when I was alive.

Take right now- I’m running across the rooftops with Leather Face and gang at my heels. Okay, that was a little harsh. It’s more like…

Damn! There goes the bottom of my hoodie! Chain sawed right off! Now, my decaying back is on display for the world to see. That’s a bit too close for comfort.

I’d be able to concentrate more and think of something witty if my unwanted company didn’t have chainsaws. Not that I blame them. I’m a zombie. It’s not their fault the media conditioned them to attack people like me without provocation.

I don’t eat brains, just in case that’s what you’re thinking. I actually prefer milk. Speaking of, I am so glad I haven’t dropped mine yet.

I struggle for footing on the dusty roof, and I fail. My milk goes sailing away, right off the side of the building. Gravel roofs- who came up with these? So hard to run on and jump off.

That’s probably why they’re chasing me, actually. They saw me searching for the milk in an abandoned convenience store.

I barely dodge another swipe with the chainsaw. I better lose these morons quick. Looks like my rooftop strategy isn’t working.

I can smell the gas in the chain saw. The guy in front keeps waving it around and shouting…something. I don’t think that’s very safe. His friends all have their own weapons, and one of them just threw a board at me. Yikes.

Okay, don’t look back. Do not look back at the crazy people with weapons. Just keep running, just keep running…this part of the roof doesn’t feel too solid…

And it isn’t. At all. –isn’t clear what isn’t solid

Gravel and wood crumble under my feet as I tumble into the building. I catch a glimpse of the roof on the way down.  This building needed a lot of repairs judging by the hastily repaired hole I fell through. I land on a pillow of dust. Oh great. It’s old too. It’s taking me a bit to get upright, but I’m on my feet soon enough. I hope those chainsaw-wielding rednecks (which are literally the scariest thing I’ve ever seen) are gone. Never mind, there goes a board aimed directly at my head and I am not going to manage to dodge this one.

That really should have hurt more than it did. I think I’m actually bleeding. I can feel the wetness dripping down the left side of my face, over my stitches. Must have hit me right in the temple.

It doesn’t look like they’re going to give up, so I’m going to give them a dramatic show of falling to the ground and hope they think I’m dead.

One just spit on me. Great.