Zombvenger! Episode Two: Dog Days

Yeah, definitely running more now that I’m dead.

Is it too late to wish for the crazy people wielding chainsaws? Because masked gunmen are worse. Much worse.

This time I’m being chased through the streets with two masked lunatics at my heels. I recognise their uniforms from my adventure in the drug store. Alkali. They have guns. I have a broom handle.

This can only end badly. I’m going to have to lose them.

I run through a puddle and get dirty water all over my new pants. Water seeps into my shoe and I can feel it sloshing with every step.  I’m barely outrunning them. I’m half considering taking a swipe at them with the broom handle, but what if I miss?

And why aren’t they shooting at me? Is it that hard to hit a running target?

Whatever. Keep running.

I hear something clatter to the ground. I really, really hope nothing fell off. I look down briefly and see a mist around my feet. Tear gas, I’m guessing. I pull the collar of my hoody up over my nose, close my eyes and keep going. It burns. I closed my eyes but it’s still burning. It burns all the way in. I’m just going to keep going straight until I stop tearing.

I get my second wind as soon as I’m away from the gas and take a few seconds to look around as I run. I need to get into an alley. Then maybe I can lose them.


Damn it. Of course comic book logic would apply here. It’s a damn dead end. No fire escapes to get up to the rooftop. I’m not even going to attempt a brick wall.

Here come my wonderful friends! And their guns! My delight in seeing them is currently dripping down my pant leg. Eh, my new pants are covered in dirt anyway.

How did I get here, with my back against the wall and two masked gunmen preparing to open fire?

It started with reading.